Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Spitzer's Passion for Public Interest: A Political Boon

Excerpt from an Albany Times-Union op-ed by Fred LeBrun:
If anything, Eliot Spitzer's touch of fiery behavior is much more mainstream than what we've been experiencing the last 11 years with George Pataki.

Pataki is neither publicly demonstrative nor emotional to a remarkable degree. It was nearly eight years ago that Adam Nagourney wrote the definitive personality profile of Pataki in The New York Times Magazine, aptly titled "Bland Ambition."

In it, the reporter foreshadowed for us many of the traits we've come to accept and largely appreciate in our sitting governor. But they also include his ability to be ruthless, dogmatic and calculating, and somehow transfer passion from his demeanor to his agenda.

George Pataki is an extremely adept, bright and complicated politician. His temperament, however, is the one Eliot's is being compared to.
Of the two, Spitzer is the one who's typical, not Pataki. But you know, even that doesn't matter. It's just personal style, and doesn't touch substance. Which does matter.
[Albany Times Union 15 January 2006]


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