Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vote In Today's Primaries

Eliot Spitzer has urged all New Yorkers to join him in voting in today's election.

He says:
The stakes in this election are high – choosing candidates tomorrow is the first step in reforming and re-energizing the way New York is governed. New York will face tough decisions in the coming years. It is essential that we choose the candidates that we want to make those decisions. In traveling throughout the state, I have met many fantastic candidates who have fresh, innovative ideas about the economy, education and how to clean up government and make it more responsive to the needs of New Yorkers. I am optimistic about our state's future. No matter which candidates you choose to support, I ask that you go to the polls .. and exercise your right to vote.

To find the polling station in your district, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page of the New York State Board of Elections web site at www.elections.state.ny.us.


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