Thursday, September 15, 2005

Spitzer's office checks for gas price gouging

Binghamton/Southern Tier: Dozens of consumers have called the New York State Attorney General's regional office in Binghamton to report instances of gas price gouging. More than 3,000 calls have been made to the New York State Consumer Protection Board as of last Wednesday. Of those 3,000 calls, 1,800 were "specific calls" -- calls that noted the location of a specific station, prices or the time in which there was a price jump. These calls were referred to the Albany office, which then divided the calls and designated them by their location. The Binghamton Attorney General's office received an additional 120 calls from calls to the protection board.

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has also asked regional offices to investigate at least five stations within their region that have appeared to have the highest gas spikes in the shortest amount of time, said Attorney General's office spokesman Marc Violette. []


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